Blok Out Trailer (Dutch)

Melding the Digital with the Physical

Blok Out is a mixed-reality game playable at home in Virtual Reality, and on location in the old Blokhuispoort prison.


The game tells the tale of Barend, the old keymaster, whose memories have been stolen. They've been spread all over the prison and it's up to the player to find them and piece together what happened.


Using the Blok Out app on their phone they can scan markers hidden in key locations, inviting them to explore the Blokhuispoort and discover all its nooks and crannies.


For the trailer I thought it paramount to show players going through the mixed-reality experience.

So I shot several minutes of live-action video on location showcasing both the game and the iconic prison.


This was combined with animated sequences based on art from the game to further emphasize the mix 

of the digital and the physical, and to give viewers a glimpse of the game's aesthetic.


Blok Out is developed by Grendel Games and Critical Bit. The Blokhuispoort is owned by BOEi.


More information can be found on (Dutch).