Landinar: Into the Void

Space Punk

Landinar: Into The Void is a “top-down space-adventure-RPG” developed by indie studio Convoy Games.


Players take on the role of a disenfranchised ship captain, taking on jobs around the quadrant, and eventually taking up arms against the oppressive Landinar empire.


With their game coming out of Early Access Convoy approached PUSHPLAY to produce the trailer.

What followed were three weeks of close collaboration with the studio. Convoy was kind enough to provide music, sound effects and graphic assets that would greatly help the trailer’s production. They would even create a camera system that greatly helped creating shots for the trailer.


PUSHPLAY provided production from A to Z, taking on everything from script to storyboard, music editing, film production, editing and motion graphics.

Next to that assets from the trailer were exported to be reused as promotional graphics for social media and the game's Steam Page.