Renegade X - #JustDoItUp

Variation on a Theme

To promote an upcoming update to the Renegade X I was once more approached by Totem Arts to produce a trailer. 


Again Totem Arts supplied footage, music and sound assets

and gave carte blanche on how to fill in the rest.


Music has always been a staple of the Command & Conquer franchise and composer Maarten Bonder delivered a remix of Frank Klepacki’s classic Just Do It Up.


The track encapsulates what I feel Renegade X is about: old school sensibilities updated with modern technology. Using the music as a basis, I created something that straddles the line between promotional trailer and music video. 


The #JustDoItUp trailer heavily uses motion tracked text, using the new CnC typeface, to strengthen the connection between audio and visuals.


The video would garner over 100 thousand views on YouTube and was featured on publications like Rock Paper Shotgun, PC Gamer et al.