Renegade X - Release Date Trailer

Punching Above its Weight.

Though PUSHPLAY didn’t exist until later, the seed for the studio was planted during the production of this trailer for Totem Arts’ Renegade X.

Renegade X is a 100% free, spiritual successor to the cult FPS Command & Conquer Renegade.


To promote the upcoming release of the game I was approached by the developer to edit existing footage, sound and music into a trailer that would rival those of contemporary FPSs.


The game started out in the modding community, with a small core team of hobby developers constantly iterating on their project for over half a decade. Their aim was to create a gameplay experience to the best of their abilities. The trailer was produced with that same intent.


For the trailer I edited together the supplied footage, produced titles and other motion graphics elements and designed sound effects to give the audiovisual experience more oomph.


The final product amassed nearly 250 thousand views on YouTube and was featured on publications such as Rock Paper Shotgun and PC Gamer.